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2 mover crew

15 feet truck


Discounted Rate: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

3 mover crew

20 feet truck


Discounted Rate: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

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The quality of service greatly depends on a good estimate. The volume of work determines the optimal number of movers, size of the truck, and quantity of packing material needed for a safe and easy relocation. Furthermore, things such as distance between apartment and the truck, and elevator availability also contribute to the work volume. The estimate may be performed at the site before the day of the move or by phone.

Proper equipment also influences the quality of work and efficiency of the movers. 2-Wheeled dollies may be used for moving an array of stuff from small boxes to medium sized refrigerators. 4-wheeled platforms are useful in transporting a loaded SpeedPack, piano, and other heavy items.  Protective coverage of walls and floor reduces the risk of possible damage. Marking the items with colored stickers optimizes the unloading phase and arrangement of the items in their place. 

Packing of the items must be maximally compact and well-protected. Furniture is wrapped in protective blankets and shrink wrap. Clothes can be hung in provided wardrobes. Kitchenware is wrapped in paper and other materials before it is put in boxes. Books shall be arranged preferably in smaller boxes for an easier lift. Packing can be performed by the customers beforehand, however the company is not responsible for the damage of items packed by the customers.

Managing your priorities is a result of effective work. Communication between dispatch, client and the movers must be honest and clear.

Loading and arrangement of items in the truck is the most technical phase of moving. Packed items must be loaded and situated in a certain order to ensure everything fits in. Boxes and wardrobes are loaded first. Furniture and other large items of rectangular and square shape are loaded next. Disassembled beds and mattress are then loaded and secured with straps. Mirrors, TVs and other fragile items are often snug with the mattress to minimize percussion and vibrations. Lamps, vacuum cleaners and other long objects should be strapped to the sides. Each mover must uphold this standard for loading phase to ensure optimal space and teamwork efficiency. Movers must be careful and cautious when operating the ramp or liftgate. For safety reasons, the customers shall not participate in the loading of the truck. 
Unloading phase is less complicated and faster than loading. The items must be unloaded without untimely unwrapping or blocking the way. During unloading the foreman can employ certain strategies in order to optimize time and quality of the service. After all items are unloaded, they must be unwrapped and situated in their place. The customer can help unwrapping the items. Unprotected furniture shall not be dragged on a bare floor to avoid damage. Lastly, the customer is welcome to inspect the truck for any possible items that were left behind, and inspect belongings for possible damage.

Loaded truck is driven at a medium speed for safety of the team and belongings of the customer. Transportation time can be influenced by traffic. The driver is prohibited from taking a customer as a passenger. The maximum amount of passengers is three persons. For safety reasons, drivers shall not talk on the phone while operating a vehicle. The transportation distance longer than 10 miles is charged as a double-drive.

During relocation service, movers can take a 1-hr of unpaid lunch break (if the volume of work is sufficient). Movers can also take a 10-15 min  break regardless the work volume. Mover – is one of the toughest jobs there is. Lifting heavy objects hours on end requires a lot of energy and strength. Movers’ hourly wage is $16-$25. Tips from customers usually amount to 20% and higher of the total pay. 
FREE: dollies, wheeled platforms, all blankets, 1 roll of shrink wrap, 1 package of tape, 10 boxes, 4 wardrobes
+$100 each item heavier than 100Lbs (negotiable)
+$50 for each mover for stair flights (more than 10 stairs) 
+$45 additional roll of shrink wrap (if needed)
+$25 to keep 1 blanket
+$6 for 1 additional box (after 10 free boxes)

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Why Erkin's?




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